Midnight Surfer Game Project
Midnight Surfer is a Co-Op Racing Game set within the universe of Judge Dredd. As a Character Designer and Environment Artist on the project, I worked alongside a diverse team to help design the characters and develop the world of Mega-City One.
|Midnight Surfer was developed by Masters Students at Abertay University as part of their studies, and was not for profit. The project was mentored by Zoltan Fejes of Rebellion.
Judge Dredd created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra, Chopper created by John Wagner and Brett Ewins.|

Gameplay Video
My Role
As an Environment Artist and Character designer on the project, my primary roles focused on crafting 'Landmark' environment pieces of Mega-City One to bring the city to life, as well as working with character designs for both Chopper and our new character, Zaria.
Character Concepts
Chopper Character Concepts
Zaria Character Concepts
Environment Art
Hall of Justice
Tunnel Archway
Flying Burger
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